Hot Barre Happy Hour- Every Friday, Nov. 26- Dec. 17, 5:45-7:00 p.m. 
Our Friday Evening Barre Classes Just Got Hotter(and so will our Barre-tenders)

You heard that right, a 4-week hot Barre class series.  Hot Barre creates long, lean muscle mass. Besides increasing your strength, the class helps improve your flexibility, balance, and core. This class will be practiced in a room that will be heated to about 85 degrees and followed by chilled, sparkling wine and light snacks. 
Get sweaty, get fit, and have some fun during the holiday season!

Cost: Non-Members: $45 for the 4 weeks.  or drop in fee of $20 per class
Members: $25 for 4 weeks or drop in fee of $10 per class