A Sound Healing experience can help to quiet the chattering mind and allow us to focus more intently on our intentions. For this event Greg Burns of Metta Vibrations will offer a Sound Bath experience to help us facilitate an internal reset.

Using a range of instruments including Singing Bowls, Gong, Chimes and more, Greg will offer a tapestry of sacred sound that the participant can allow to wash over and through them, thus the term ‘bath’. He always begins with some guided relaxation and time for intention setting, and for this event we will also begin with some brief group chanting to help the body begin to vibrate and awaken the cells. Greg will bathe us in sound for an hour or more, and then gently lead everyone back to waking consciousness. Time to reflect, ask questions and ground will be provided before departing.
For those unfamiliar, this type of experience can offer a wide range of benefits. It interacts with each aspect of us – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The experiences are regularly reported to reduce agitation and stress, instigate meditative states, relax the body, help balance the emotions and promote good sleep. Greg has also observed the experiences can have very deep and profound effects for some.
Greg is an experienced Sound Practitioner and has been sharing these experiences throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond for a number of years.