Yoga- Flow like a River

Trish LaGrua will guide you through the first 45 minute of class with a vinyasa flow that will explore the water element and fluid movements. We’ll begin with a guided meditation, then delve deep into our hips, pelvis, and low back. Class will focus on going with the flow of life.  

Jenn Tipton will follow with a 45 minute restorative sequence that will allow us to let go of what no longer serves us by quieting the mind, calming the body, and visualizing the current of water washing our stress away.  She will end the class with a relaxing savasana. 

During the restorative part of class Greg Burns will shower us with his sound bath which will help us to quiet the chattering mind and allow us to focus more intently on our intentions. By using a range of instruments including Singing Bowls, Gong, Chimes, and more, Greg will offer a tapestry of sacred sound that the participant can allow to wash over and through them, thus the term ‘bath’.

After class, you will be given a Magnolia leaf and have the opportunity to write down something you would like to let go of and toss it into the river.  

This will all be followed with light snacks and refreshments. 

WHEN:  Tuesday, August 30

TIME: 6:00-8:30 pm

WHERE: 140 Providence Lane, Waynesboro, VA

COST: Non-Members- $50/ Members- $40

(we must have a minimum of 10 participants to have this event)

Click on this link to register: