Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing

Two deeply relaxing practices paired together for an evening of bliss. Harmonic Sound will fill the air while you enjoy Restorative Yoga postures, offering a session to help you unwind and deeply heal the nervous system.

You are invited to a Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing class combining these two practices on Sunday, February 5th at 4:30pm.

Trish LaGrua of Phoenix Fitness and Yoga will help place you into restorative poses aimed to gently but deeply open the body, while Greg Burns of Metta Vibrations plays singing bowls, gong and other instruments to help calm the mind and enhance the body’s relaxation. With Restorative Yoga, props are used to help place the body into positions to allow for deep opening of the body. The props allow participants to remain holding the postures a little longer than usual. Both the sounds and vibrations from Singing Bowls are known to interact with the individual to help calm the mind and open the body. Together, these practices allow for a blissful experience.

No prior experience is necessary. Just a willingness to lie down and deeply relax.

When: Sunday, Feb. 5

Where: Phoenix Fitness and Yoga

Time: 4:30-6:00 p.m.

Cost: Non-Members $35/Members receive a 10% discount

***LIMITED space for this event. Register early. Thanks. ***


All mats and props needed for the session will be provided. Best practices for this session include wear comfortable clothing, limit caffeine and food intake for some time prior, and limit use of perfumes/colognes.

You can learn more about Greg and sound healing at his website ( or contact him directly at