Jim Leichliter

Staying active has always been a way of life and I’m passionate about helping others achieve their highest possibilities.  As an endurance athlete, the practice of mindfulness, meditation and yoga have been a large part of my journey.  I find that exploring the boundaries of human endurance not only challenges our limits but allows us to fully engage and deeply connect with our bodies, minds and spirits.  I enjoy incorporating TRX, HIIT, and other forms of functional fitness into my routine.  In 2018, I became a certified Group Fitness Instructor and have really enjoyed encouraging others and leading classes.  I’m an avid runner, biker and swimmer and love to compete in all of these sports.  I competed in the Lake Placid full Ironman and the Boston Marathon in 2019.  I’ve met some amazing and inspiring people along the way and that’s what really makes the training and the journey worthwhile.  I currently live in Staunton and I’m thankful and blessed to be a father of two amazing daughters and two fantastic sons.