Reina Hogan

For Reina, yoga became an outlet. A way to quiet her mind and come back to her body after a hectic and stressful day. She has always been interested in fitness, but never realized how important it was to integrate your body until yoga. It is that realization that sparked a passion in her and she quickly enrolled in personal training courses and yoga teacher trainings. It is through this training, however, where she discovered how incredible, strong, and powerful women’s bodies are as they change through pregnancy and postpartum. She felt that not enough women are aware of these fantastic changes and, therefore, are often left not knowing how to best serve their bodies and self.

Her goal as a coach and instructor is to provide a space for you to reconnect with your body and appreciate all it is doing for you. She is a certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, yoga instructor, and certified life coach. Through these different backgrounds, She works to reach the whole person, with opportunities to focus on inner work, nutrition, and physical fitness to create a more compassionate stance toward yourself as you pursue wellness; thus creating more lasting change.