Carey McCallum

Hi, I’m Carey.  I grew up in Greenville, SC and attended nearby Presbyterian College where I received a degree in Religious Studies. After college I made my way to the Shenandoah Valley where my sister lived and have made Staunton my home for most of the past two decades. I’ve had a number of different jobs over the years including running a small interfaith bookstore and gift shop as well as several different roles with local social agencies working with young people. These days my work largely revolves around family life with my wife, elementary-age son and a couple of dogs along with part-time work at a downtown bookstore.  

I began practicing meditation in my early twenties and was introduced to yoga by some friends several years later. Although I have enjoyed and appreciated the many benefits of the physical practices of yoga I’ve always been equally drawn to the spiritual, philosophical and historical aspects of the yogic tradition as well. 

In recent years my interest in yoga continued to grow and I eventually signed up for a yoga teacher training through The Center in Harrisonburg, VA which I completed in the spring of 2022. I look forward to continuing to deepen my practice in the coming years and sharing it with others at Phoenix.