JacKaline Stallings


I recently relocated to Staunton from Asheville, NC.  I enjoyed a yoga career in Asheville for the past 16 years, but moved to VA recently to be with Russell Stallings, my hubby of 10 years.  We are building a house together in Staunton and I am very excited to meet my Phoenix yoga community and share my passion for the 8 limbs of yoga, yoga philosophy, asana, pranayama, therapeutic yoga, mantra, meditation, yin, restorative, and everything yoga!

I became a runner at age 11 when I ran my first mile on the beach with my father. I fell in love with it and continued to run with my father until my mid 50’s. Running eventually turned into Rancing (running and dancing together) and Rancing and Dancing turned into Yoga. Yoga led me to understand that my own personal dharma is to help others be free. Growing up in the south, I  challenged challenged myself to be free.  I took many great adventures. In my 20’s I  hitched hiked to California and back. I  rode a bicycle around the country over 3,700 miles over a period of 6 months. I excelled my career as a Recreational Therapist working with troubled youth,  I danced alone on the dance floor before it was popular, I became an extrovert  (born introvert). In my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s I led international services trips to Haiti and many adventures as a youth counselor in my Faith community for 16 years.

I starting taking yoga classes in 1998 and committed to at least 2 classes a week. This was considered self care at that time as my children, Montana and Aaron, were young.  I stuck to it for years with the same yoga teacher and my passion for yoga grew!  I obtained my 200 hour in 2006, my 500 hour in 2013,  and another 500 in Therapeutic yoga in 2014 from Asheville Yoga Center. I became a Certified International Yoga Therapist in 2017.

Other than yoga I love biking, hiking, vacationing, adventures with my son, reading yoga book’s, and meditating,