Jenn Tipton

A devoted student of yoga for nearly 18 years, I was formally trained and received my certification in 2014. My teaching style has been influenced by all of my teachers on this path so far. My passion lies in creating and sharing the teachings of yoga as a way to explore, heal and deeply reconnect with our bodies, minds and spirits and, in doing so, awaken more fully to our daily experiences, our inner guide, and our highest possibilities. After a severe injury, my practice became the foundation for physical recovery and stress relief. I was enamored with the practice’s unique set of benefits. Today, the practice continues to shift and support me with each and every life transition. Always serving as a steady reminder of the importance of slowing down and the power of connection. I strive to create a safe space for students to come to explore their own journey and search for healing, and I also hope to help students tap in to their inner warrior, courage and strength. The yoga mat is a reminder to show up in life every day with an open heart and a clear mind. When I am not on my mat, you will find me outside, on a beach or a trail, with my husband and dogs. My two beautiful children inspire me to live selflessly and show up fully for others.