Kadrin Anderson

I settled in the Shenandoah Valley with my husband in 2008 but my roots are in Canajoharie, NY.  My passion has always been biology and the environment, but fitness has been prominent in my life harkening back to paddling and hiking as a child up through college when I did weekly Tae-bo sessions in the basement of the women’s dorm with anyone who would join me!

After earning a Master of Science in Biology from Old Dominion University and moving to Staunton, I got involved in group fitness classes where I formed life-long friendships and got my first certifications in LesMills CXWORX and BodyPump.  After getting my group fitness certification through AFAA in 2018, I went on to YogaFit level 1, TRX training, and Barre Above certification.  I teach biology full time at Mary Baldwin University.  When I am at Phoenix, my goal is to deliver a fun, accessible yet challenging workout to everyone participating in my classes.  I love people and want to see everyone succeed and maybe even surprise themselves with what they are able to accomplish.  Working at Phoenix has been an absolute joy, I feel completely supported and appreciated by everyone involved.   

As a family, my husband and two children, we spend a lot of time exploring and it is my hope to remain fit well into my later years so that I can continue to visit beautiful, out-of-the way places where nature is still unspoiled.  Fitness for a long, active life is what it’s all about!